Friday, May 31, 2013


I LOVE LOVE LOVE  gnocchis... 

Like the pillow loves the head...
Like the mosquito loves the blood... 
Like the lazy loves the bed...
and Like the pig loves the mud...
(Yeah I know, I should totally stop cooking and become a poet, right?)

Gnocchis are probably my favorite pasta and maybe even my favorite dish of all times (if it does make sense to have only one favorite dish. Not so sure of anything anymore). Gnocchis are so much better when you make them yourself. It's a bit of work (it takes some time) but it's not very complicated once you know what to do. I am giving you here my favorite recipe and a few tips I learnt while making them over and over.  This way you will be sure not to fail. This post is about how to make the dough. Soon I will post a recipe that involes baking them... 


  • It's better to use a floury potato variety (the less water they contain the better)
  • Cook potatoes with skin on.
  • Make the puree with cool but not cold potatoes.
  • Incorporate flour little by little. (easier) 
  • Use corn flour and egg yolk to give a more firm texture to the gnocchi. You can do this recipe without any of this two (I personally prefer gnocchi a bit firm)
  • If you like smooth gnocchi, you can use a mixer to smash the potatoes. I love to feel little pieces of potatoes here and there when I eat gnocchi so I do it by hand.
  • Gnocchis froze very well. The only thing is to lay them flat for 1 or 2 hours  in the freezer so they won't stick to each other afterwards and then you can put them in a plastic bag and keep in your freezer for months. This way you can use them anytime. Don't even bother to unfroze them before cooking. Directly drop them in boiling water and that's it.
  • Don't use a colander when gnocchis are cooked or you will end up with one huge messy gnocchi. Use a slotted spoon instead. 
  • I like gnocchis whitout strips but the sauce does stick better to them with strips.

-serve 4 -
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 300 gr all purpose flour + a bit more
  • 1 tsp corn flour
  • 1 egg yolk
  • a pinch of nutmeg powder
  • salt


  • Boiled potatoes in salty water until knife tender (about 30 to 40min).
  • Drain potatoes and leave to cool for a few minutes.
  • Peel potatoes and mash them (like you would for a puree). Like I said in the tips, you can use a mixer if you like.
  • Add salt + egg yolk + half flour + corn flour + nutmeg. Stir. I like to get my hands dirty but you don't HAVE to stir with your hands. Whatever you prefer.
  • Stir rest of the flour.
  • Form a big bowl with your dough, then cut in slices and roll into logs of 30cm long and 1cm thick.
  • With a knife, cut small pieces 1-2cm wide.
  • Flour well gnocchis with some flour so they won't stick.
  • If you would like gnocchis to have little strips, lightly press each piece onto back of a folk. 
  • Place on a sheet of baking paper.
  • At this step, you can either froze gnocchis or cook them.
  • To cook them, bring a pan full of salty water to boil.
  • Stir in gnocchis.
  • They are cooked once they float to the surface. Use slotted spoon, accommodate with any sauce you like. 
  • ET VOiLA !



  1. How much salt are you supposed to add?

    1. Hello Katie, sorry for the little delay. I was away for a bit. Concerning salt proportions, I would say, add a good pinch while making the mashed potatoes and taste it. If it's season well for a puree then it's good you don't need more. I usually prefer to add salt after if it's not salty enough. Plus the sauce you add is usually salty. Hope this helped and please leave me a comment when you're making the recipe. I'd love to know if you liked it ;)

  2. Hey! How many servings would you say this makes?

  3. Thanks! We made it tonight for a dinner party we had with friends. It turned out great on our first try. Total hit with everyone! We used pesto sauce, cause it's our favorite. Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Well I'm really glad! This is going to make my day ;)